The Quilt Registration Form should accompany each quilt that you submit for an exhibit.

  1. Download quilt registration form to your computer and fill in the form for each quilt that you submit.
  2. Save your filled-in form using the SAVE AS function.   Name the form, lastname_quiltname_Sep16.
    The completed registration form contains the information you are usually asked to supply when you submit a quilt for an exhibit



    Artist: Jane Quilter
    Title of Quilt:  How I Wish I Had A Title!
    Construction Methods: Hand and machine quilting, hand applique.
    Materials: Commercial cotton, lace.
    Size:  15″ h x 22″ w
    Date Completed: April 2016
    Price: (if for sale): $150
    Insurance Value: ???
    Artist Notes:  After watching Downton Abbey for several seasons,
I decided I wanted to live “upstairs.”  That meant I needed a title.
This is my dream of my new title —  Lady Jane Q.

    Artist’s Contact Info:

For my own purposes, I save the Quilt Registration Form and entitle it QUILT DESCRIPTION. Each time I complete a quilt, I fill in this form and then SAVE AS schleppi_quiltname_Nov15.   Then I am ready to enter it any exhibit.