About the Artist

I have been sewing since I was 15 years old and learned the basics of sewing in Home Economics in high school. I did the easy stuff until I was in my early 20’s when I joined the Operating Engineers operating heavy equipment. It’s a seasonal job with anywhere from 3-6 months off a year, so I quickly found out that to keep myself from feeling sorry for myself, I needed to keep busy. I began watching PBS on weekends and started watching Nancy Zieman on Sewing with Nancy. It taught me to do more difficult projects. I also learned the importance of washing my fabric and ironing and pressing. My sewing skills greatly improved. I mainly made clothes for myself and my family. I eventually got into making baby quilts. I had an old Montgomery Ward sewing machine my best friend gave me. I found I needed a better machine to do the tougher projects. I purchased a 190 Viking and I was transformed. I sewed every kind of thing I could think of. I also took a quilt in a day class. After that a tailoring class. I started doing mending, upholstery, quilting, tailoring, I wanted to try everything. I eventually got into fabric dying and fabric painting.

I’m pretty much obsessed with any kind of textile art.

Artist’s Statement

I’m pretty much obsessed with any kind of textile art. I have lots of time to do things I’ve wanted to explore through the years. I love meeting women who shared my passion for sewing. I want to meet new people and show off a little. I want to see if there were any other people as crazy about textile art as I am. I’ve been dying and painting fabric and t-shirts for years now. It’s way more exciting than just sewing

Artist E-mail

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