Ronnie Doyal, Co-Chair


Linda Morgan, Co-Chair


Barb Schneider, Co-Chair


Chris Zurbuchen, Treasurer

Chris is enjoying her retirement years in Yellow Springs, OH, with gardening, bicycling, traveling, and sewing. Her mother taught her to sew and that was reinforced with 4-H in high school. She made her wedding dress and her attendants’ dresses. Work life took over the little time for sewing until retirement. A Miami Valley Quilt Network show at the Dayton Metro Library introduced Chris to this art form. She took her first traditional quilt class in April 2014. A Christmas gift of a new Singer sewing machine from her daughter and joining MVAQN study group started Chris on learning to make art quilts.

I am an art quilt newbie. I’m still learning the basic techniques such fusing, satin stitching or painting fabrics. The joy of playing with fabric, translating an idea into a finished project, is my reward.

Ann Diller, Secretary

Ann grew up in Dayton with family members that were all self-taught artists of some sort. She received her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati and has worked in various nursing jobs over the years but always returns to some form of art as her passion.

She lives in Centerville with her husband. When not quilting, Ann enjoys yoga, gardening, bicycling, reading, and skiing.

Ever since childhood fiber arts held my interest. I’ve experimented with macramé, embroidery, weaving, and sewing or designing clothes.  My mother’s love of quilting drew me to it.  Her knowledge and fabric stash got me started on my own journey of love for all things fabric.  Working with cloth provides me with endless possibilities to satisfy my urge to create since fiber holds the perfect mix of tactile and visual art that I enjoy.

In the process of breaking out from traditional patterns of quilting, my own original designs emerged.  Quilting offers me an opportunity to manipulate materials in a myriad of ways to create beauty and emotion.  Especially satisfying is the texture of quilting which enhances the interplay of light and shadow created by stitching.