Silent Sentinels
1917 – 1919
Silent Sentinals for Women’s Suffrage
Helen Willis

Size: 28” h x 35” d
Construction: Piecing, applique and machine quilted by Brian Partin
Material: Cotton fabrics, cotton batting
Contact: [email protected]                                                   Price: $500

Artist Notes:  The Silent Sentinels, a demonstration outside of the White House, was a effective tactic coordinated by Alice Paul

Women traveled from all over the United States to stand mute in 4-hour shifts at the gates of President Wilson’s White House from January 10, 1917 to June 4, 1919, when the 19th Amendment passed both Houses of Congress. This quilt depicts some of the women, who stood silently  February 3, 1917, designated as “College Day on the Picket Line.”  

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