Wenona Marlin
1877 – 1945

Champion of the 19th Amendment
Helen Willis & Brian Partin

Size: 39” h x 27” d
Construction: Piecing, painting and and machine quilted. 
Material: Cotton fabrics, vinyl and cotton batting
Contact:  [email protected]                                                        Price: $500

Artist Notes:  Born in Greenfield, Ohio in 1877, Wenona Marlin moved to New York City where she was an active suffragette, writer and journalist.  She gave speeches and wrote letters and books.  She even travelled to Washington, DC and stood with the Silent Sentinels in 1917.  She lived until 1945, so Wenona was able to vote for over 20 years.

Letter To New YorK Time: “The fact that many men today regard the vote with such little respect is partly due to the fact they never did earn it.”

Suffragists — The Quilts