Chris Landis, President

The straight lines and strict patterns were Chris’s initial entry into the quilt world. The journey from tiny calicos to infinite fabric choices has been thrilling. Dropping the rules and adding creativity has opened doors providing enough inspiration until the time comes to pass her stash off to another generation of quilters.

Chris and her husband live on three glorious acres in rural Montgomery County. One Springer Spaniel and two cats round out the household. Moving from city to country has provided Chris the opportunity to renew her connection with the earth. Happy dogs and sassy cats are a constant reminder of the joy of spontaneity and serendipity. She is looking to add some of this joy in future quilts.

Harriet Knudson, First Vice-President

Harriet is an avid quilter, making both traditional and art quilts. Her bed quilt “Honeymoon” won Best of Show at the Montgomery County Fair in 2010. Her “CD Spider” and “Through The Seasons” art quilts were part of the Three Rivers Metro Park traveling art quilt show.

Jennifer Greenup, Second Vice-President

The best gift I ever received was from my Grandma Smith. She gave me a child’s sewing box full of everything you needed to start sewing. I sewed anything, even surgical stitches on my Raggedy Ann doll to match mine.
Finally in November 2014, I made my first art quilt. I got the big idea of making my grandchildren something lasting and personal for Christmas. There started my journey into Art Quilting.  I love every minute of my journey of mistakes and accomplishments in art quilting. The sky’s only the beginning.
Artist Bio
Jennifer grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and received a B.A. in Political Science, certificate in Journalism from the University of Cincinnati. She lives in Morrow, is married and has two children and four grandchildren.

Chris Zurbuchen, Treasurer

Chris is enjoying her retirement years in Yellow Springs, OH, with gardening, bicycling, traveling, and sewing. Her mother taught her to sew and that was reinforced with 4-H in high school. She made her wedding dress and her attendants’ dresses. Work life took over the little time for sewing until retirement. A Miami Valley Quilt Network show at the Dayton Metro Library introduced Chris to this art form. She took her first traditional quilt class in April 2014. A Christmas gift of a new Singer sewing machine from her daughter and joining MVAQN study group started Chris on learning to make art quilts.

I am an art quilt newbie. I’m still learning the basic techniques such fusing, satin stitching or painting fabrics. The joy of playing with fabric, translating an idea into a finished project, is my reward.

Ronnie Doyal, Secretary

Ronnie is a native of the Southwest. She was born in Texas and raised in New Mexico; her art often reflects those roots. A self-taught quilter who considers herself a mother first, Ronnie fits in quilting when there is time. In addition to quilting, she works full time as a photographer.

Whether it is a contemporary twist on a traditional pattern or an original design, the Art Quilt presents a challenge to both the maker and the viewer to overcome pre-conceived notions of what a quilt is, and view it as a stand-alone piece of art.