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Berlin United
Size:   42 ½” h x 34 ½” w
Construction:  Fused and machine applique, machine quilted, hand embroidery, couched cording
Materials: Black crayon rubbing of manhole cover on white cotton sheeting, photos and German newspapers printed on fabric, perle cotton, gold-tone chain links, commercial cottons
Date: 2017
Price:  $450
Note:  This is one of a series of quilts exploring the designs in manhole covers.  This manhole cover is from the “Berliner Wasserbetriebe,” the Berlin water system. The center panel in this piece is a crayon rubbing on white cotton sheeting of a Berlin manhole cover dated 2006.  The impression was made in 2014 on Museum Island near the Altes Museum.  The black/white photos are ones that I took on that trip, except for the Olympic Stadium, the Victory Column, and the Brandenburg Gate.  The statuary images on the top of the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column are cropped from commercial photos. All the photos are printed on fabric.

Brown Locks
Size:  16 ¼” x 16 1/8 “  (or 16 1/8” x 16 ¼”)
Construction:  Hand appliqué, machine quilted
Materials: Commercial cotton, linen napkins, Aloha fabric, vinyl print.
Notes:  This is part of a planned series based on an antique block design.
Date: 2010
Price:  $35

The Cat of Muswell Hill
Size:   44” h x  48” w
Construction:  Hand and machine appliqued, machine quilted, painted, fused
Materials:  Crayon rubbing on sheeting of manhole cover, commercial fabric, watercolor pencils
Date:  2014
Note:  The Cat of Muswell Hill resides in the parking lane of Grosvener Road in Muswell Hill, London (England).  His spirit was captured there with black crayon on cotton sheeting, and was moved to his true jungle home.
Price:  $450

Chinese Frogs
Size:  21” x 24½ ”
Construction:  Applique’, couching, machine piecing, hand quilted
Materials:  Cotton sateen, commercial cotton, cotton embroidery floss
Date: 2009
Note:  Designed as part of challenge entitled “Frogs.”  The cotton sateen fabric has been in my stash over 45 years.  I was thrilled to use it. I still have some left and looking for another project to use it in.
Price: $50

Chinese Qs
Size: 10.5” h x 14” w
Construction:  Machine pieced, fused, machine applique
Materials: Silk brocade
Date: 2013
Note:  This was created for a project exploring various type fonts and using them in designs. This design is based on Q in Ravie font.  Reversing, copying, and playing with this shape. The brocade was from a stash of scraps of silk that I found at a factory in Beijing.
Price:  $35

Cone Flower Skewed
Size:  18 ½ x 18 ½
Construction:  Hand and machine embroidered and hand and machine quilted.
Materials: Felt, commercial cotton, hand dyed cotton, embroidery floss.
Date: 2011
Price: $75

Date Unknown
Size:   11“ h x 14” w
Construction: Hand quilted, lettered with marker, machine applique
Materials: Cotton American flags, cotton percale, commercial fabric, ribbon
Date: 2012
Note:  This is my view of a day in the future on Main Street in Dayton – Date Unknown.  Since the 1800’s thirteen Presidents of the United States have addressed Daytonians from the steps of this Court House. All of them have been men. William Harrison (Sep 10, 1848), Abraham Lincoln (Sep 17, 1859), Rutherford Hayes (Jul 30, 1884), Benjamin Harrison (May 14, 1891), Franklin D.Roosevelt (Oct 13, 1940), Harry S.Truman (Oct 11,1948). John F. Kennedy (Sep 17, 1959), Richard Nixon (Oct 26, 1960), Lyndon Johnson (Oct 16, 1964), Gerald Ford (Jun 7, 1976), Jimmy Carter (Oct 3, 1980), Ronald Reagan (Oct 12, 1984), Bill Clinton (Oct 11, 1996), Madame President (????)
Price:  $100

Dump No Waste
Size:   18”h x 26”w
Construction:  Fused strips, machine quilted and appliqued, hand embroidered, painting and rubbing
Materials: Crayon rubbings on white sheeting of metal drain covers in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Kettering, OH, metallic thread, commercial cotton, fabric markers
Date: 2014
Note:  This is one of series of quilts using crayon rubbings on sheeting of “manhole covers”.    In this case, the rubbings were made of storm sewer curb covers.  The central one in the quilt is from Cincinnati.  The two small circles are additions to older storm sewers in Dayton and Kettering.  The fishes and frogs in the quilt were individually rubbed with various colors of crayons and then embellished with fabric markers and machine applique.
Price:  $150

Every Which Way
Size:  46” x 44”  (horizontal)
Construction:  Appliqué, reverse appliqué; hand pieced, hand quilted
Materials:  Cotton commercial fabric
Date: 2005
Comments: Visual pun on the words – way, weigh, and whey
Price: $200

F. L. Wright Planes
Size: 14 ¾”w x 9 ¾” h
Construction:  Photo print on fabric, fusing, machine quilting, beading
Materials: Photo print fabric, Aloha fabric, beading, black metal frame
Date: 2014
Note:  This is based on my photo of a Frank Lloyd Wright building in Los Angeles, printed in black and white and the negative.
Price:  $75

Geckos at Sunset
Size:  24” diameter circle
Construction:  Hand pieced, hand beaded, hand quilted.  Reverse appliqué, and hand appliqué. Some machine piecing.
Materials:  Scraps of Aloha shirts combined with new fabric and glass beads
Date: Original 2006, Redesigned 2021
Note: The design evolved from the sky pattern on the scraps. Since I had only 5 sail boats available, I used the interior pentagon shape. The shadows in this Hawaiian sunset reminded me of the ever present geckos on the Islands. The final circular shape was inspired by the motion in the skies. When the quilt was completed there was less than 3’’ square of fabric remaining.
Price: $ 200

Gelli I
Size:   7.25 “ square
Construction: Gelli print on cotton, machine pieced, machine quilted
Materials: Cotton, paint, cotton batting
Date: 2016
Price:  $10

Gelli II with Dress Form
Size:   10.5” square
Construction: Gelli print on cotton, machine pieced, machine quilted, and beaded
Materials: Cotton, paint, cotton batting, beads, gold thread
Date: 2017
Price:  $15

Gelli III with Butterflies
Size:   9.25” square
Construction: Gelli print on cotton, machine pieced, machine quilted, thread painted
Materials: Cotton, paint, cotton batting, organza, Sulky thread
Date:  2017
Price:  $15

Grass I with Tree
Size:  8” h x 10” w
Construction: Fused raw edge applique, thread painted
Materials: Commercial cotton, Sulky thread
Date: 2017
Price:  $15  (Set of 3 Grasses for $35)

Grass II with Moon
Size:  8.5” h x 10.25” w
Construction: Fused raw edge applique, thread painted
Materials: Commercial cotton, Sulky thread
Date: 2017
Price:  $15 (Set of 3 Grasses for $35)

Grass III with Arch
Size:  8.5” x 10.5” w
Construction: Fused raw edge applique, thread painted
Materials: Commercial cotton, Sulky thread
Date: 2017
Price:  $15 (Set of 3 Grasses for $35)

Holy Family
Size:  14½” h  x 8¼” w
Construction: Hand embroidered, machine appliqued, and hand quilted.
Materials: Commercial cotton and metallic fabric, gold cording, gold embroidery floss.
Date: 2011
Price: $35

In and Out
Size:  22” x 21 ½“ ”

Construction:  Applique and couching of satin roping on an antique crazy quilt square
Materials:  Satin roping, organza-like fabric and antique silk quilt square
Date: 2008
Note: Each member of our group receive an antique silk quilt square. The challenge was to design a new small quilt from that square
Price: $50

Landscape I
Size:  12” w x 24.5″ h
Construction:  Machine pieced, hand appliqué, hand quilted
Materials:  Commercial cottons
Date: 2004.
Price: $35

Leaf Skeleton
Size:  11.5” h x 11.5” w
Construction:  Machine quilting, hand pieced
Materials: Commercial fabric, sheeting, Sulky thread
Date: 2013
Note:  This was created for a project exploring designs in nature, using lines and only one color.
Price:  $35

Lei I
Size:  61”h x 35”w  (or 35”h x 61”w)
Construction:  Machine pieced, broiderie perse appliqué, hand quilted
Materials:  Scraps of aloha shirts with new fabric of solid colors
Date: 2006
Note: This piece contains scraps for three distinct aloha shirt fabrics. The size of this quilt was determined by the number of pieces of fabric with birds of paradise print available.  The lei is constructed from pieces cut from scraps of another fabric.  The white orchid scraps were arranged for the background. This is one of a series of quilts I’ve made with scraps of aloha fabric from a Honolulu shirt factory.
Price: $175

The Puffer Fish of Muswell Hill
Or  London Puffer Fish
Size:   43.25″ h x 46.75″ w
Construction:  Hand-turned applique, machine applique, fusing, machine quilting
Materials:  Crayon rubbing on bed sheeting of a manhole cover, commercial cotton, batik, pearl embroidery floss, nylon net, organza, fusing, cotton batting.
Date: 2015
Note: The Puffer Fish of Muswell Hill was discovered in the parking lane of Grosvener Road in Muswell Hill, London (England).  His spirit was captured there with black crayon on cotton sheeting and was moved to his underwater home with seaweed and jellyfish.
Price:  $450

Mass Mask Grave
Size:  61” x 36”   (or 36” x 61”)
Construction:  Appliqué, reverse appliqué, hand quilted
Materials:  Commercial cotton fabric
Date: 2003
Notes: This quilt was inspired by the Holocaust memorial in the Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany.  This design recalls all the voiceless people who have lost their lives in mass executions.
Price: $250

No Water Needed
Size:   23” w x 31.5” h
Construction:  Machine quilted, hand and machine embroidery, fused
Materials:  Commercial cotton, hand dyed fabric, cotton and metallic embroidery floss, silk cording, silk flowers
Date: 2015
Note:  The drawings of my grandchildren make up my “secret garden.”  It grows weekly and contains special finds such as dandelions, clover and colorful leaves.  Best of all this garden needs no weeding or watering.
Price: $150

November Colors
Size:  30.5 ” x 26”
Construction:  Machine appliqué on old flag, stenciling, hand lettering, hand
Materials:  Nylon, cotton, and cotton flannel batting.
Date: 2008
Notes:  In a presidential election year, the old flag reminded me of our patriotic colors and the responsibility and privilege of voting.
Price: $50

Octagonal Building
Agriculture Building Montgomery County Fairground
Size:  8.5” h x 11” w
Construction: Raw edge applique, machine quilted
Materials: Photo printed on fabric, commercial cotton
Date: 2012
Price:  $30

Remembering Anne
Size:  16”h x 15″w
Construction:  Machine quilting, collage of fabric scraps, embroidery
Materials:  Linen, commercial cotton, scraps of Aloha shirt fabric, cotton embroidery floss
Date: 2009
Note: This quilt was envisioned as I mourned the death of Anne Hubler, 1929 – 2009, quilter and mentor.  I thought of the beauty of the sun setting and leaving the beach darker but with the lasting memory of a glowing sunset.  Anne’s technique was used for the execution of this piece.
Price:  $150

Right Brain, Left Brain
Size:   14.25 ”h x 12.75 “w
Construction: Reverse applique, machine quilting
Materials:  Commercial cottons, some purchased in the Caribbean, buttons
Date: 2015
Note: The self-portrait is from a linoleum cut made in 2009. I enlarged it and printed the positive and negative for the foundation of this self-portrait.
Price:  $150

Rust and Leather
Size:  20” x 21 ½ ”
Construction:  Hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand embroidered, glued
Materials:  Rust dyed linen, cotton flannel, crinkled cotton, and embroidery floss, wood buttons, leather thong, suede
Date: 2009
Note: The fabric – linen, cotton flannel, crinkle cotton and floss – were all rust dyed by wrapping the fabric around metal washer, nails, and screws.
Price: $75

Snapshot of Mania
Size:  34” h x 34″ w
Construction:  Fused and machine appliqued, hand quilted and embroidery, beaded, hand couched,
Materials:  Commercial fabric, Aloha prints, hand dyed pearl cotton, hand dyed rayon embroidery floss, beads, ribbon, cotton batting, photo printed on fabric.
Date: 2020
Notes:  Mania, while bright and exhilarating, leaves one ready to pull out one’s hair.  The constant bombardment of the mind with ideas provokes a cry …Help!…SOS!
Price:  $300

Street Texting
Size:  59 ½ ” h x 29 ” w
Construction: Raw edge applique, machine quilting.
Materials: Crayon rubbing on sheeting and muslin, commercial cotton, cheese cloth, industrial fencing.
Date: 2018
Note:  Rubbed manhole covers from Europe and USA
Price:  $ 300

Turtles on Your Back
Size:  23” x 23”
Construction:  Hand pieced, hand quilted and embroidered.
Materials:  Scraps of Aloha shirt fabric and new fabrics.  Black embroidery floss.
Date: 2007
Note: The Aloha shirt scraps and the placement of the turtles on print suggested the idea of the shirt design.  My design for the Aloha shirts surprised me by fitting together as easily as a jigsaw puzzle.
Price: $75