Molinda Lauxmiller died on  March 23, 2020 after battling cancer.  She chaired the current show Suffragists: And They Persisted!  She is missed by all of MVAQN

About the Artist

Dim childhood memories of the quilting frame in my great-grandmother’s parlor and my four-year-old delight in using fabric scraps from my mother’s sewing projects to fashion doll clothes frame my earliest experiences in fiber arts.  Before

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I graduated to sewing garments for myself and my children a cardboard shoe box with pins and needles was my first studio.

As years passed I dedicated much of my life to parenting and eventually managed to fit in earning degrees in social work, sociology and a Masters in Humanities at Wright State University.  Although little time was available for creative stitching it was fun to sew functional home decorative items, clothing, and costumes for my children.

In the early nineties I encountered a quilt exhibit during a museum visit.  That exhibit of traditional quilts inspired me to research quilting and pursue the craft.  Quilting and fabric art soon became a creative playground that balanced my responsibilities as a professional social worker and mother with a personal pleasure.  Without an art background to inform my creative effort I constantly seek to learn from other quilters and artists.  For many years I have traveled to national and international quilt shows to be immersed in the works of accomplished fiber artists.  These journeys, along with local guilds and other resources, continually stimulate my efforts and expand my vision and skills.

Currently a semi-retired “empty-nester”, I take pleasure in creatinglauxmiller_locavorevlocavore both art and traditional quilts.  In recent years I have added knitting and spinning to my fiber crafting and enjoy sharing these interest with my family and friends.  Opportunities to travel and experience the wonders of other states, countries and cultures offer fun and artistic inspiration. As founding members of Dayton Salon, my spouse and I find our lives enriched by the close friendships formed within this discussion group.   When we are not traveling or enjoying nature in our little camper, we share enjoyment in our home.  Our beautiful Dayton neighborhood is a wonderful location to enjoy birdsong, stately trees, diversity of architecture, and take advantage of the many cultural resources in our city.

Regarding my passion for fiber art – each time I touch and manipulate fiber, or pull thread through fabric, my spirit is nurtured.

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Artist’s Statement

A passion for fibers and fingers that itch to stitch drive my projects. A new project may be triggered by a family event, fabric of a certain color or texture, discovery of an intriguing technique or a photograph. Pithy comments or floating ideas cause me to begin projects. While my work includes traditional quilting I strive to create works that express my thoughts and spirit.  New skills, adaptation of old ones, critiquing and revision bring satisfaction to my process as I dive deep hopefully seeking an inner artist.

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